Cornish National Liberation Army

The Cornish National Liberation Army (CNLA) was a short-lived Cornish nationalist paramilitary organisation that threatened to perform acts of vandalism and arson against commercial targets that it considers to be English, in Cornwall.


In 2007, an email claiming to be from the Cornish National Liberation Army threatened celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein. 

The following month a 36-year-old man was arrested for making the threats.

The organisation has been described by the Cornish political party, Mebyon Kernow, as a 'pseudo-terrorist group'.

Dick Cole, spokesman for Mebyon Kernow, released a statement to various London papers.

The group also opposed the flying of the English flag in Cornwall, and has threatened to destroy all English flags in the region.

There is little evidence as to the size of the CNLA other than an August 2007 interview in Cornish World Magazine in which Stuart Ramsay claimed they had thirty members.