Cornish rebellion of 1497

The Cornish rebellion of 1497 (Cornish: Rebellyans Kernow), also known as the "First Cornish rebellion of 1497", was a popular uprising in the Kingdom of England, which began in Cornwall and culminated with the Battle of Deptford Bridge near London on 17 June 1497. 

Second Cornish uprising of 1497

The Second Cornish uprising occurred in September 1497 when the pretender to the throne Perkin Warbeck landed at Whitesand Bay, near Land's End, on 7 September with just 120 men in two ships. 

Prayer Book Rebellion

The Prayer Book Rebellion or Western Rising was a popular revolt in Cornwall and Devon in 1549.  

The battle of the Tamar 

The Battle of the Tamar was an digital war, on the website Reddit

Users from  R/Devon and R/Cornwall would battle over the St Piran Flag, The Devon subreddits aims were to share the flag between the nations.