The battle of the Tamar 

The Battle of the Tamar 

The Battle of the Tamar was an digital war, on the website Reddit

Users from  R/Devon and R/Cornwall would battle over the St Piran Flag, The Devon subreddits aims were to share the flag between the nations.

R/Cornwalls aims was to keep the St Piran flag to just Cornwall.

Users would be able to place 1 box every 5 minutes allowing time for each side to plan where they place the next box

Users would fight over the flag late into the night to keep mass control over the flag, each side would have times where they hold a majority of the flag.

Discord communities based around this battle would form to group up and to plan their moves together as one.

A user on the R/Devon side sent mass direct messages to users from R/Cornwall asking for a peace treaty, The users messages would go unanswered and the R/Cornwall side would keep fighting to keep the St Piran flag.

The Fall of the UK

A Twitch content creator by the name of Bananirou would send his viewers to go and mass attack the UK Art work.

Cornwall would be affected by this with them also trying to wipe out the other flags along side the UK.

Cornwall held out and did not fall to the streamers viewers unlike the other flags that fell while Cornwall stood strong.

Devon's full scale invasion

Memebers from R/Devon grouped together to try wipe out Cornwall from the map and replace the St Piran flag from the art with the Devon flag.

They managed to take a few boxes until the R/Cornwall group saw and stood strong during the full scale invasion R/Devon had started.

The R/Cornwall members won the battle pushing through the waves of attacks and kept the St Piran flag just black and white.

R/Devons failed come back

Members from R/Devon tried to remake their flag but above the St Piran flag this time

This attempt to put the flag in this location failed after members from R/Cornwall noticed and pushed them out of the location

R/Cornwall's Alliance with Malaysia

On the 23/07/2023 R/Cornwall signed a deal with R/PlaceMY to form an alliance to protect each other incase of attacks upon each nation


The final days of the war shows Devon pushing to retain their flag above Cornwall and trying to push into the Cornish flag

However they are using bots to do the work instead of humans, showing they know they cannot defeat Cornwall.

The fight may be unequal but the Cornish team refuses to back down.

A speech from the Cornish leader

In the face of adversity, we will not falter. Let our spirit be indomitable, our determination unwavering. We shall march forward, shoulder to shoulder, as one strong and proud nation. Fear not the battles ahead, for we are warriors, born from the rugged cliffs and boundless waves of Kernow. Our heritage runs deep, our roots firmly planted in this ancient land. With each step we take, we move closer to victory over Devon. Let our battle cry echo through the valleys and reach the heavens above. Cornwall, we shall never give up, we shall never surrender. Our time is now, and our triumph is inevitable. Kernow Bys Vyken! 

The end of the war

The end of the war saw fighting cease between Cornwall and Devon with a peace deal being sent from the Cornish leader, the Devoner's accepted the deal and the areas would both allow each others flag to remain unharmed and protect each flag for the remaining event time